Sunday, March 13, 2011

A wife's reaction

One Saturday last summer I left home about 7:30 am to play golf with some friends.  On the way out the door may wife yells down the stairs to me “what time will you be home?”   I thought for a second and replied “probably about 1:30, I’ll have lunch at the club.”

Well, when I finally rolled in the door at 11:45pm she greeted me at the door.  With a not too impressed look on her face.  You know the one I'm talking about.  I immediately started to explain.

“We finished our game about 11:30, had lunch, and I started home, when alongside the road I saw this attractive woman with a flat tire on her car.  I stopped to help, got the tire changed.  She offered money, but I refused.  So, she suggested that I at least allow her to buy me a beer. She said, there’s a pub just up the road, we can grab a beer there and I'd be able to clean up.  I agreed to stop, I mean I was thirsty. We had a beer, then another beer, then a couple more, and I realized that this woman was not only pretty, she was very friendly, and a good companion to spend time with. Before I knew it, we were in her bedroom having sex. And that is why I am so late getting home.”

My wife looked me in the eye and said “Don’t shit me; you played 36 holes, didn’t you?”


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  2. Haha...hilarious. The lengths us golfers will go...

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