Thursday, December 30, 2010

Dave Pelz - A new age Teacher

For those of you who have followed golf for the past decade or so, the name Dave Pelz may be familiar.  When you talk about revolutionary teachers, this guy is it.  I don’t know of another person who has devoted so much of their time towards studying the game, gathering data, implementing tests, and developing scientifically proven facts we know of today.  He really is an incredible guy, check out some of the links, videos, etc. I’ve included here you will soon find out what I’m talking about.
I don’t know about you, but there is something reassuring about know when you step over the golf ball that the information you have been given is not hear say, or someone’s version of what Tiger does, it is actually scientifically proven.  It adds a certain comfort level that many golf teachers of the past could not provide. 
I highly recommend you check out any of his books.  I read “Dave Pelz’s Putting Bible: A Complete guide to Mastering the Greens” a while back.  It was inspirational.  My putting improved as I read through and will likely continue to get better as I practice the many drills he outlines.  Shortly, there after that I began to read “Dave Pelz’s Short Game Bible: Master the Finesse Swing and Lower your Scores”.  Honestly, I didn’t find this book helped nearly as much, but it is likely because I overloaded myself with information in too short of time.  NOTE:  THIS IS AN EXCELLENT LESSON FOR ALL.  DO NOT TAKE TOO MUCH IN.  LEARN A FEW NEW THINGS AT A TIME. PRACTICE THEM AND MOVE ON.  There is one concept in this book that is like no other.  Check it out!
All in all, Mr. Pelz has five books I am aware of on the market.  The newest of which came out in November 2010, “Dave Pelz’s without Fear:  How to Play the 10 Most Feared Shots in Golf”.  If it is like his other publications it should be a gem. 
Finally, you can check out some of his teaching aids, books, or training schools at  
As I continue this blog, I’m sure you will begin to see some of Dave Pelz’s ideas come out in my own philosophies. 


The Mythical Perfect Swing - Harvey Penick

Harvey Penick is one of my favorite teachers of all time.  His methods were revolutionary and have stood the test of time. 

If you practice Mr. Penicks perfect swing in slow, I mean super slow motion. Like when you think your going too slow, go slower!! You will develop the muscle memory to repeat this perfect swing on the golf course. (Muscle memory is only an expression)

Things to remember. Stay positive, a Good grip is imperative, take dead aim, focus on the ball (in this case blade of grass) and don't watch your club swing back you will develop bad habits. Focus on the points outlined below, in the quote from Harvey.

The Mythical Perfect Swing"Here is how to make the Mythical Perfect Swing that all golfers are always pursuing:
Stand a few paces behind the ball and look down the line toward the target.
Walk to the ball from behind, get a good grip, pass the club back of the ball square to the target, then adjust your stance to fit.
Have a slight waggle and then set the club back of the ball again and make a forward press similar to what you would do swinging a bucket of water.
In the first move back as the club gets parallel to the ground, the toe of the club points directly up, and the left heel starts off the ground.
Let the club come up, keeping your elbows in front of your body, to the top of your backswing, where the clubhead will be pointing almost to the ground.
Return your left heel to the ground and simultaneously let your right elbow move back to your side as it comes down.
Weight has started shifting to your left side. Your forearms cross over as they swing. Your head stays behind the ball, perhaps even moving slightly more behind it.
Finish with your forearms in front of you. A good finish shows what has gone before it. Let your head come up to look at the good shot..."

I think the real key here is repetition of positive thoughts.  Think perfect swing all the time.



Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A New Season - Setting Goals and attaining them

Golf is one of those games, that when you begin to play it and take it seriously, it begins to take control of  your everyday life.  You start to think, eat, sleep, dream and breathe golf.  The anticipation for the next game or even practice session makes your blood boil.  Well, at least thats the case for me.  Well, at least thats the case for me when I'm playing well.

This past season was a breakthrough for me.  I played some of my best golf since I was a teenager.  My handicap lowered as the season went on, and low and behold I began to enjoy the game, much the same as I did when I was a kid.  As a kid and early teenageer I was able to spend countless hours  on the course or practice facility.  Obviously, we all don't have the time to practice and play everyday with other real life responsibilities, but away from the course mind training, strategizing, and preparation can truly pay dividends to our games.  With that in mind, and 2011 upon us, I thought this was a great time to set some goals for the upcoming season, and begin to prepare myself for success and achievement.

Obviously, each and every golfer will have their own set of goals, but I'd just like to give you some thoughts for your own, as I prepare mine.  First off, I read a book mid-summer 2010, which changed my mindset on the golf course.  The book was Raymond Floyd's "The Elements of Scoring: A Master's Guide to the Art of Scoring Your Best When You're Not Playing Your Best".  There are many great lessons in this book for all levels of players.  The book definately helped me on the course, but I think more importantly the process of reading about golf, and self education is the real lesson here.  I'm not a pro, but I have been around the golfing course in all facets since the early age of 7, I thought I knew it all.  Wrong! Its nearly cliched now but 'golf is a game that is enjoyed by all ages'.  I now realize that I was naive to think I could not continue to learn.  That said, my first goal for the 2011 golf season is to continue to educate myself on all things golf away from the course.  Writing this blog is one way, but through other internet resources

Secondly, last season I accomplished some of my goals, in making the Gordon Cup team.  An inter-club event played annually at varying golf clubs in the Ottawa Valley.  Not to mention, I played reasonably well, and as a Team we took home the trophy. With that in mind, I'd like to expand on my golf of the past season.  Of course I'd like to make the team again, but this season I'd like to play in some of the final groupings.  To me this means learning to play under pressure.  One way I intend on following this through is to practice under pressure.  To make games out of practice sessions that force me to concentrate.  An example of this would be, making 20 3foot putts in a row, if I miss one you've got to start over.  This can only go so far, but putting a little money on the line is always fun, and adds a little emphasis on each shot.  I must say though, last season I taught myself a lot, playing under pressure down the stretch, but the first tee-jitters I was not able to over come.  Hopefully, I can find something in the first goal that will help me achieve the second.

My final goal of the season is a general goal that most golfers strive to achieve.  Mostly because it is measurable.  I want to lower my handicap.  I am currently a 7hcp, but I think somewhere between 4-6 would be attainable by the end of the season.  Although, this is the ultimate season goa, I think by practicing, and accomplishing my first two goals, this one should follow along nicely.
So, hope any of you who have spent the time to read this, can find some sort of inspiration to set your own goals this season and begin the road to better golf along with me.