My Golf Journal

So, what you see here is my day-to-day or week-to-week golf journal.  The contents will vary by basically it will be a tool to keep track of my golf game.  You will see things like what I have been practicing, my scores, club events, problems I am having with my game, etc.

November, 2011
A busy some golf season came to a screeching halt mid-september, oddly enough about the same time I bought new sticks (Titleist AP-2s).  Other hobbies took over my free time.  Mostly it is hunting season.  I had a very successful 2011 golf season, accomplishing nearly all my goals.  Qualified for the intersectional team and posted 6pts,  played my 2nd straight year in the gordon cup (2 time champion), played in the final grouping of our club championship (I hope to have a better final day next season), and lowered my hcp to 4 (the lowest I have been since I was 16). 

At this time, I'm starting to get back into the swing of things early.  I booked some lessons with local CPGA pro Marc Lacombe here in Ottawa.   We've met once so far, and changed a few things.  I've also made some equipment adjustments.  Lie is 2degrees upright, shaft is 3/4inch longer, and a mid-sized grip.  This may take some getting used to, but thats what the winter is for.
Mar. 15, 2011
I hit some balls in at the indoor range here in Ottawa.  It was the first time since October.  It felt great!  I hit some good shots, and I spent most of my time working the ball right to left, and left to right.  I have been focusing on my position at the top of my back swing, which I find sets me up for moving the ball around.  If the club is pointing left of the target that puts me on an out to in swing path, which leads to a fade. And vice versa if the club is pointing to the right of the target (a more upright swing plane) the sets me up to drop it inside and turn it over. There are a few other things I do at setup to aid and account for the balls movement either right or left.  The goal from here is to ingrain this to memory, so I don't have to think about it on the course.

The facility is great.  Long enough to hit a 100yrd shot.  Which is long enough for me to see the balls movement.  I prefer to practice with feed back and seeing how my ball is reacting is a huge part of that for me.  Usually, my initial season practice sessions work on a few fundamentals as well.  So, I spent some time with alignment, grip, posture, and ball position. 

The weather has been warm enough here this week to get rid of some of the snow.  The season should be less than 3 weeks away for some courses.

Mar. 8, 2011
A couple things.  First, I've been looking around for a new 3 wood.  Something, in the 13-15 degree range, with a shaft to match my driver.  Just started looking, so nothing new yet. 

Secondly, I've decide that I really want to spend some serious practice time this year working on developing my shot shaping.  Sure I can hit a draw and a fade, but not with the confidence I believe I need to really improve my game.  I have been swinging clubs in my garage sporatically, but I really cant wait to hit the range.

Feb. 24-25, 2011
While my wife and I were on vacation in Mexico's Mayan Riveria I attended the Mayakoba Golf Classic. The golf course was within 10 minutes of walking distance from our resort.  So, on the thursday we watched from greenside of the 15th hole (a short par 3) in our beach attire from the shore of the Pacific Ocean (Not a bad way to take in a golf tournament).  On the Friday, I went in to follow a few groups around.  I focused on the group of John Daly, Charles Howell III, and John Cook, although just up ahead of them were Tom Lehman, Scott Verplank, and Aaron Baddley.  All the big names were not there, since the WGC event in Phoenix attracted the likes of Michelson, Donald, Kuchar, etc.

Needless to say, it was a nice surprise to find out the PGA event was taking place that close to our resort while we were there.

I will post a few photos and some other notes as I begin to get back to reality.

Feb. 6, 2011
I bought a new training aid off e-bay a few weeks back.  The eyeline putting alignment mirror.  You can check it out at(  I have been using it periodically in my basement.  Working on putting fundamentals, such as posture, keeping still, pendulum motion, and my eyes over the ball.  I might do 5min every other day, hopefully the early practice pays off.  My mom already wants to borrow it.