Monday, January 10, 2011

Positive Thinking and Great Shots

Enough can't really be said about how positive thoughts can influence your performance on the golf course.  Certainly, there are different levels of positivity.  I mean, playing well breeds confidence and thus positive thinking.  A belief in yourself and your abilities can go a long way in producing great golf shots.  Looking back to the 2010 Master's provides us with a great example of this.  Freddy Couples took a run at a 3rd green jacket.  I'm sure he hass heard it for a long time now, how he's too old, over the hill, and can't compete with the likes of Tiger and Phil.  But coming into the 2010 Master's Freddy was playing well. Albeit winning on the Champions tour, but winning nevertheless.  Winning promotes confidence, positive thoughts, and Freddy was on a high.  Not only that, but for Fred just stepping on the grounds at Augusta National can only bring back many years of positive memories.   

I'm sure there are courses that we all feel fondly about.  Seldom, are those places we played poorly at, even if it the most picturesque place on the planet.  And there are certainly tee shots that you feel good about or vice versa.  The expression commonly used is "it suits my eye".  The point here is that we can over come situations / shots that don't suit our eye, simply with positive thinking. 

Something I do to help me make the tough right to left downhill slider for birdie.  Is during my routine, I will think seemingly impossible of a 25 footer that rolled in.   Really, the scenerios are endless.  If I'm lying two beside the green and I need to make a miraculous pitch to get it close and save par. I'll think of the time I chipped between two trees, over a bunker and it landed softly and rolled up next to the hole.  If I'm standing on the 18th and I need a birdie to win the match. I'll think of a time I hit a drive up the middle, landed my approach safely on the green and drained the putt, that clinched the victory.

If you have played the game for any length of time, then you've hit a shot at sometime that made you say to yourself, 'Wooowww how did I do that?, I can't believe it, That was amazing!'  (Hopefully, you didn't say that aloud to your playing partners).  Think now, of a shot, or two, or three, or how ever many you can.  These are your shots that you should put in your memory bank.  Use them whenever you feel the need, and soon you will be replacing these positive thoughts with new positive thoughts.



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