Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The #1 fundamental - A Good Grip

So, I decided I'd take this whole blogging endeavour to the next level and create my first video blog.  The first one better be a good one, right!?!  Well, I apologize the video equipment here is not exactly up to Hollywood standards.  Taking that into account and I figured the content better be worthwhile. 

Since, this is my first video blog, why not discuss what I believe to be the # 1 fundamental in the development of a good golf swing.  A good grip sets you up to make many of the correct moves to make solid contact with the ball. 

Alright, so before it ever comes up in the comments section or where ever.  I realize the video is in my basement, and I am not 'Walking on the Golf Course'.  Well, it's January, its cold, and in order to walk on the golf course I'd need a set of snowshoes.  So, my basement it is!  Besides, it as good of a place as any to practice during the winter months.

I have found a good way to formulate comfort for a grip change is to grip the club for 10-15 minutes while watching TV.  Use the three checkpoints I provide in the video to ensure you've got the club held correctly and your on your way.

Anyhow, enjoy the video and I promise that there are more to come!



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