Monday, February 7, 2011

Getting the Itch?!?! Is Simulated Golf the Answer?

No, I am not talking about sexually transmitted disease.  Nor am I referring to that feeling of a new wool sweater.  I'm talking about that feeling when the cold winter months seem to drag on and you  being to think to yourself "GOLF! GOLF!!! GOLF!!!!!!"  Now for me, the itch has come earlier than normal this year.  Maybe its because winter seemed to come early this year as well, but in all honesty I'm blaming it on this golf blog I started in late December 2010.
In order to temporarily make the itch subside a few friends and I were out last week playing golf at the local simulator.  It was fun no doubt, but really kind of like calamine lotion on a good dose of poison ivy.   The itch was back the next day.  The simulators have come a long way, and I can only imagine where they will take the technology in the future.  But quite honestly, they still need to come a long way with the short game.  In our night out not one of us made a put over 10 feet, and that's with 10 foot gimmee's in play.  The short game is base far too much on touch and feel, and I can't see anything in the near future that can begin to replicate the golf course.

When it comes to hitting driver and irons into the green, I must say 'I think" the simulator was near bang on.  It definitely reacted to our shaped shots, or unintentionally shaped shots.  And distance seemed to be about what I would normally be.  Still though, miss the fairway and end up behind a tree.  Well, you may as well take 3 penalty strokes.  That said, it was nice to take full swings, get some practice and at least have some semi-reliable feedback at this time of the year.

The atmosphere is what you make it, but you put a bunch of guys together, add beer, food and golf and three is sure to be a good time.  Since that's all I expecting, the whole experience was a positive one.  If you get a chance to try simulated golf, give it a chance, develop your own opinion.  And at the very least you will enjoy the company of good friends, good beer and well potentially good food.



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